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Waschmittel für Feinwäsche

15 September 2015|New items|

Finally I finished a long laying project, the German "Waschmittel für Feinwäsche" box. The original box contains washing-powder (detergent) for Wool, Silk, spun rayon or mixed fabrics such as: stockings, fine underwear, Stockinet, monochrome or colorful textiles and garments, uniforms, washable gloves, etc...

Sutherland Paper Company

10 November 2014|Blog|

On the internet you can find loads of information and sometimes you are looking for a certain kind of information and then you stumble onto something else which attracts your attention. I was looking for more information about American D-Ration and K-Ration boxes and found some nice Photos, which were made during the war by the Sutherland Paper Company at Kalamazoo.

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