Sutherland Paper Company

2015-09-05T09:43:01+02:0010 November 2014|Blog|

On the internet you can find loads of information and sometimes you are looking for a certain kind of information and then you stumble onto something else which attracts your attention. I was looking for more information about American D-Ration and K-Ration boxes and found some nice Photos, which were made during the war by the Sutherland Paper Company at Kalamazoo.

StampMaker Kit

2015-08-25T16:05:22+02:0010 March 2014|Blog|

Some time ago a friend of mine pointed me to the Imagepac Stampmaker Kit to make my own stamps. After reading the website I thought it would be very handy to make my own stamps this way for filling in my own (and maybe your) paperwork.

Sometimes you buy something on eBay,…

2015-08-25T16:00:53+02:0019 February 2014|Blog|

…which you think would be nice to reproduce and then you get a pile of rubbish… Well that happened to me last week. I bought some “Reproduction” Swiss Bank notes and I was very happy to have found them on eBay, but I was very disappointed when they arrived.

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