Lend-Lease insignia

2015-08-25T16:13:54+02:0014 September 2013|Blog|

Years ago I bought labels similar to this one and I always thought they were American labels, used by the American Homefront and Army. But later I found out that they were for food products of the Lend Lease Act of 1941.

KitKat Blue

2016-06-30T15:23:28+02:0024 November 2012|Blog|

A few years ago everybody said that the blue KitKat wrapper was only used during the second world war. So everybody wanted a blue KitKat wrapper to stick over their modern KitKat. This way they had the right material for their impression and display. You saw them in shop window displays in museums, displays about the blitz. Re-enactors carried them on events as if they were back in 1942-43. And so on...

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