Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years I have had many questions asked. Here are some of the most asked questions.

Since 1995 I started making bits and pieces of paperwork for myself and for a few friends. They found my reproductions of High Quality and as demand grew for my items from other people, I went at it more seriously as a service.

Well, it completes your impression. Everyone has some kind of Paperwork in their pockets. So why, after spending lots of money on uniforms, weapons and all the gear, not having anything in your pockets. Or labels on your food tins in your display.

You wouldn’t want your original paperwork getting wrecked out in the field, would you? Neither did I, that’s why reproduction paperwork. And this way you could have some more paperwork and foodlabels to put on display.

Most of the time I work from an original item. I scan this item and work on the scan. Either I would totally make new (vector based) Artwork of it, or use the high resolution scan to work with. I clean the scan, link it to the artwork, add text and serial numbers on it and print them. Always looking for the right typefaces, materials and paper. The items on this website are produced in a number of different ways, including: litho, laser printing, colour printing, letterpress, etc.

Yes, they could, but some of the processes involved in getting originals good enough to copy are lengthy and problematic, and there is a lot (and I mean a lot) of cutting out of labels, packing up bags, trips to my local printers, hours spent resetting old Army forms on my computer and evenings spent with gluey fingers and piles of paper off-cuts all over te place. Also think of paperweight, paper material, paper colour etc. And what to think of searching for the right typefaces? Old typefaces, which were used, are not always digital. Sometimes I have to make a new one, to match with the original. A lot of it is very labour-intensive and time consuming.

Well yes, in the past people have copied my paperwork en have sold it over the internet. Others make paperwork of a very poor condition. If you look around on the internet you might find a couple of other people making this kind of paperwork. It’s for you to judge about the quality.

In truth, no they are not. I could print everything absolutely correct in every way, but to do this I would have to print them in the same way and in the same quantities as they were 67+ years ago. I haven’t the capital to invest in doing this, and if I went to every effort to improve my items, the prices of them would go sky high. I would also need the negatives for all the artwork. Also many of my labels etc. are ultimately meant to be disposable and also you have the comfort of knowing that if you take one of my items somewhere and you lose it, you can easily replace it. The only items where I strive for a higher degree of accuracy are the more expensive items like Paybooks. One last thing to point out on this subject: some things like the can labels are stretched or shrunk slightly so they fit on modern cans. Its a waste of time me producing a lovely label that doesn’t fit on anything. Believe me there are lots of things I have originals for that I can’t make – reason being, the bottle, can or packet has no modern day equivalent. All the items here are designed to be used, like the condensed milk tins which I use myself at events to make our tea with.

A lot of them I have found myself, while you lot are looking for cheap uniforms, I’m up to my neck in bags of old paperwork. I also have some people out there searching for stuff and lending me stuff from their collections. In return they get various freebies from me of the new items I produce from their original. I would like to offer my thanks to the following people for their help sofar: Frederik Loggen, John Stelling, Bart van der Meij, Paul Woodadge, Miss Jo Teeuwisse and Kees Huyser. If I have forgotten you – please accept my sincere thanks.

I have been a Graphic Designer / Packaging Artworker for about 20 years now. I love my profession and have a passion for Packaging design. I enjoy bringing the 1930’s/40’s Packaging to life and the quality, the passion and the detail of my Reproduction Paperwork speaks for itself.