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Films can be located anywhere; creating the visual world or setting for a film is the role of the Art Department. The look of sets or locations transports audiences into the world of the story, and is an essential element in making films convincing and evocative. These settings are rarely left to chance by film makers; a great deal of work and imagination goes into constructing appropriate backdrops to any story.

Graphic Artist

As a Graphic Artist I can produce film props for films which contain graphic items, such as money, newspapers, magazines, handwritten or typed letters, musical scores, books, maps, menus, credit cards, passports, etc. The audience should be unaware that the letters, menus, bills, books, printed sheet music, shop signage, cash of credit cards read or used by characters are not genuine, but clever reproductions. I manufacture props, carefully made to reflect the period and setting in which the story unfolds. Ensuring that these printed props appear as realistic as possible is a highly specialised job. So if you need a Graphic Artist for your next project, just contact me. You can find me on IMDb website too.

Examples of my work

The Secret Armies of the Low Countries (2005)

In 2005 I was one of the actors in a documentary, shot by Eagle Media Productions for Discovery Channel. This documentary, called “Europe’s Secret Armies” was about Secret Armies in occupied territory during World War 2. In the first episode “The Secret Armies of the Low Countries” you will find me sitting behind a typewriter, filling out some paperwork for the Dutch resistance. Items displayed in this film footage are props made by me.

Black Book (Zwartboek – 2005)

Here are some stills from the Paul Verhoeven film, Black Book (Zwartboek), with artwork and props I made in 2004/2005.

Anno 1914 (2014)

In 2014 I made some artwork and film props for a Swiss Television Serie called “Anno 1914”. Here are some photos and stills of my artwork.