The wartime box of Knäckebrot has a different size than the Knäkebröd boxes now-a-days. It’s because the Knäckebrot itself was of a different size, then and now. During the war the size of a Knäckebrot was approximately 130 x 100 x 6 mm and the modern ones are of approximately 117 x 63 x 6 mm (In Holland that is). So how do I fill a repro Knäckebrot box with the modern Knäckebrot? Well, I think I might have a solution to do so…

Step 1 – What do you need?

– 1 repro box for Knäckebrot
– 8 pieces of Knäckebröd
– 1 sheet of kraft paper (or baking paper) size A4
– 1 sharp serrated knife
– some glue

2014-04-03 16.44.58

Step 2

With this step, you take the pieces of Knäckebröd and cut off about 2 cm, as shown on the photos.

Cutting Knäckebrot

2014-04-03 16.48.46

Step 3

Now you take those pieces and put them on the A4 sheet of paper. And start wapping them in.

2014-04-03 16.57.29


Oops the Keks (biscuit) is just for me which goes with my tea while wrapping 😉

Step 4

Wrap them very tight.

2014-04-03 16.58.06 2014-04-03 16.58.25 2014-04-03 16.59.00 2014-04-03 16.59.24 2014-04-03 17.00.56

Step 5

Apply a small amount of glue on the paper and close it. Then put the box together.

2014-04-03 17.01.12

2014-04-03 17.02.42 2014-04-03 17.03.02

Step 6

Now you can put it all together and close it with some glue.

2014-04-03 17.03.17 2014-04-03 17.03.28 2014-04-03 17.04.23

And before you know it, you put together your second or third box of Knäckebrot. Ready to go in to battle and use it in the fields. Have fun…

2014-04-03 17.05.44