Again a quite simple thing to do. This time we are going to make a German File Binder. One with a wartime LEITZ label.

What Do we need?

– 1 File Binder, A4, covered in black marble paper.
– 1 Repro spine label
– Some glue or glue spray

[box style=”rounded” border=”full” icon=”empty”]The Leitz binders feature rigid pressboard construction, covered in black marbled paper. Built with superior, world-renowned quality, these binders feature steel lever arch two ring mechanisms, European 8 cm hole spacing, slotted covers, reinforced edges and finger grip holes.[/box]

 Step 1

First you peel off the attached spine label

2013-11-16 23.08.15-small

Step 2

You then spay glue or put glue on to the reproductionlabel.

2013-11-16 23.09.49-small


Step 3

You then stick the repro label on to your File Binder and ready you are.

2013-11-16 23.12.27-small


You could do another one with the same steps as above.

2013-11-16 23.17.55-small


And before you know it you can fill a whole cabinet on a film set…

Dossiers in the cabinet on the back

Dossiers in the cabinet on the back