After writing about how to date a WWII US cigarette pack I thought it would be nice to write something about how to make a dummy cigarette pack yourself. Here I will explain step by step how to make one.

Step 1

First you need the materials to make one. Of course you need a cigarette label to begin with, preferable bought in my webshop. In this case I took a Lucky Strike label. I always use a block of styrofoam as filling, because you can cut it easily to the right size with a sharp knife. But you can also use a piece of wood or carton to work with. Then you will need a sheet of packaging paper and some glue.

2013-10-20 17.03.46-small

Step 2

In this step, cut the styrofoam to the right size (For a pack of Lucky Strikes or Camels it’s 55 x 75 x 17 mm).

2013-10-20 17.06.50-small

Step 3

Cut the sheet of packaging paper to a size of 160 x 100 mm.

2013-10-20 17.11.39-small

Step 4

Wrap and glue the packaging paper around the block of styrofoam.

2013-10-20 17.16.14-small

Step 5

Now you take the cigarette label which will go around the block.

2013-10-20 17.18.07-small

Step 6

Wrap and glue the cigarette label around your block. Be sure you will leave a 3 mm free on top (as seen on the next photo).

2013-10-20 17.21.13-small

Step 7

This is the last step of this pack. Glue the Tax label on top and you have made your own dummy pack of cigarettes.

2013-10-20 17.24.19-small

Extra Step

For the finishing touch you could wrap the dummy pack in cellophane (same size as the packaging paper). Or take a pack of real cigarettes (No filter cigarettes) and re-wrap it with the reproduction label.

Even a box of Player’s or Woodbines from my webshop you can either fill with a block of styrofoam or wood. Or you could fill it with real cigarettes.

2013-10-20 17.45.06-small

Making dummy cigarette packs can be a lot of fun. Before you know it you have a lot of them to display. Have fun…

2013-10-20 17.26.53-small