Lederfett2This morning the doorbell rang. I got a package from Germany. On ebay I bought a tin of WW2 German Lederfett (grease for leather dressing). The grease has hardenend a bit, but it is greasy and can still be used…

The container is made out of aluminum with a orange top bearing the following:
In the center a swastika in a sunburst with under it “1942” and “DRGM” (Deutsches Reich Gebrauchs Muster – German Reich Registered Design). Around the text from left to right: “Lederfett – Muller & Co – Schwelm – Westfalen” and “Feldpackung”.

I have seen a couple of others in the past. With the German Eagle and one the same as this one. But instead of “Feldpackung” there stood “Wehrmacht-packung”

Maybe it’s nice to reproduce these kind of tins. I do have a few empty smaller tins. Will see, a project for the future.