At this moment I am finishing off some projects I had started after my summer holidays. I will write about it in the ‘New Items’ section. I even bought me a silkscreen printing set to finish off the Canadian Militia Books I was making. And with a silkscreen printing set I can print many more things, like bigger carton boxes, such as the Canadian 24h ration boxes or even those American ration boxes, etc. Something for the future.

Well for October I have planned some new projects, which I will show you on the photos.

German Paper items

German ration bags

On the photo you well see some German ration bags, such as: Coffee bags, spices bags, a backing powder bag, a refreshment powder bag and a candy bag. These are the ones I would like to reproduce. Those Coffee bags consists of two different layers of paper. I will have to see how I will make them with the two layers. Well, with using such bags you will improve your displays and can use them during events or on filmsets.

2015-09-24 15.53.39-small

Then a box of Odilei condoms, containing 3 condoms. I am not sure yet if I will make them with or without new condoms. But a big change I will sell a set with 3 new ones in it, so you can have fun and stay in character.

American Paper items

American Paper items

As you can see on the picture I am also planning on making American paper items such as: Toothpaste boxes, Shaving cream boxes, soap wrappers and boxes, some medical items and a set of stationary so you can write home from the European Theatre or Operations. Who knows I might find some bars of soap to be wrapped, which I can sell in the shop.

British Paper items

2015-09-24 15.46.53-small

I am also planning on making a few British paper items, such as the two soapboxes above. I might have some more paperwork items such as military forms and some other Home Front items. When I do have enough time left I will be working on those and write an new article about it.

Other items

It’s quite a lot for the coming month, finding the right kind of paper, scanning and making the artwork, but this is what I do want to make. Beside that I do have some requests to make such as a German sniper logbook, a SHEAF ID card, a WWI Canadian Pay book for Active Service and some more bits and pieces. If you have a request of something you want to be made by me, contact me and drop me a line.

Then to close this article, I have purchased some Belgium Beer labels which are on their way to me. 😉