Will your picture be the Photo of the Season?

Well if you have purchased my products and use them during events or you are visiting an event and see my products at display, it could be! I am looking for pictures taken during re-enactment / living history events of a display containing one or more of my products, to be my featured "Photo of the Season" cover image on my Facebook page.

Who can enter the Photo of the Season contest?

Anyone who visit my website or Facebook page and goes to re-enactment / living history events either as participant or visitor of such an event.

What kind of photos can I enter and how many?

You can submit up to five photos (max. 1,0 MB each) you took during an event as stated above as long as there is one or more of my products in it. Also fill in your name, email address, a caption (title) and a description by submitting a photo. It helps if you include these details for each photo in the description box:
  • Where it was taken
  • When it was taken
  • What kind of event it was taken
Please, no "Advertising". Photos that show logos, brand names or trademarks are not allowed. Photos must be your own and not of someone else.

What can I win?

Don’t get to excited, this contest was meant for the fun of it and to show the usage of my products. But there will be 3 winners selected for which I am giving away 3 discount coupons:
  • No. 1 wins a 40% discount coupon
  • No. 2 wins a 25% discount coupon
  • No. 3 wins a 10% discount coupon
And No. 1 gets a short chance at fame as his/hers photo will be displayed at the cover of my Facebook page for the season. Winners will be announced within a week after the submission date.

Is there a deadline?

Yes there is. The contest will be open from 1st November 2018 to 29th of December 2018 at midnight, Dutch time.

How are the photos judged?

Photo contest winners will be determined from a combination of community voting and a panel of judges. The winners will be selected from the top 10 finalists that receive the most likes during the community voting phase of the contest. Judges will use the following criteria to select the final winners:
  • Creativity
  • Authenticity
  • Originality
  • Quality

How are the winning photos used?

Each winning photo is used as the cover image on my Facebook page for a season, until the next winner is selected. That ensures hundreds of our followers will get to see your lucky shot. Tin of Nescafé

Anything else to know about this contest?

Yes, all contests come with some "fine print". Please read ours below before entering: By submitting one or more photos to this contest, you will retain the original copyright but grand to Atlas Repro Paperwork the Non-exclusive, royalty-free right to publish your photo(s) or any modifications thereof on www.atlas-repropaperwork.com, any Atlas Repro Paperwork social media platforms or in any other digital or print publications for commercial or promotional purposes. This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed by or associated with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. By entering this contest, you are providing information to Atlas Repro Paperwork, and the information you provide may be used to contact you, for example, to confirm your eligibility or to notify you if your photo is selected as a winner. Atlas Repro Paperwork reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify this contest at any time.