SchachIf I am searching the internet to look at examples for my paperwork, I find all kinds of nice stuff on which I think it would be great to reproduce them. Yesterday I saw a German Chess game box and immediatly I thought; “I want to make that.

This is a WW2 Wehrmacht Soldiers ‘Schach- Dame und Mühle’ box. It is an unique, small, transportable combination Chess- Checkers and Mill games. The box contains a square folding cardboard playing board with traditional black and white chess/checkerboard squares to one side and the three rectangular playing surface for the Mill game on the reverse side of the board. And flat pieces which could be reversed to play checkers instead of chess as well as the Mill Game. The label artwork features two German soldiers playing a game of chess with one player having a speech “bubble” scripted, “Schach matt!!”, (Checkmate!!). Additional printed script includes, “Schach- Dame und Mühle Das Kombinationspiel mit dem gleichen Stein”, (Chess- Checkers and Mill The Combination game with the same pieces), and, “Ein Gruß aus der Heimat”, (Greetings from the Homeland). All 3 games were familiar to most Germans. (Note: The Mühle game is commonly known in English as Nine Men’s Morris).

Wouldn’t it be great to have such a Repro box in your display, and playing a game of Chess yourself?