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D4504 – Esbit Fuel Tabs box

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A full color reproduction of a original 1930s/wartime German Esbit Fuel tabs box.


A full color reproduction of a original 1930s/wartime German Esbit fuel tabs box. At this moment we have 3 variations:

  1. Empty box, ready to be filled with modern Esbit fuel tabs.
  2. Box filled with 20 small Esbit fuel tabs, like the original,
  3. Box filled with 6 modern big Esbit fuel tabs.

The filled boxes are sealed in cellophane, like the original and ready to be used.

Great item for your display.

Tip: If you make it a unit purchase you could save on shipping costs.

For your Re-enactment, Living History, Museum displays, Theatre, Television- or Film props.

Additional information

Weight 8 g
Dimensions 79 × 69 × 17 mm

1 review for D4504 – Esbit Fuel Tabs box

  1. Mattia Bissaldi (verified owner)

    Absolutely top quality reproduction, great print and material. The option to have it filled with actual Esbit fuel is simply great. One of the most useful paperworks you can get, I use it at every reenactment I attend. Strongly raccomanded.

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