D5005 – Lemonade (Soda) labels


Reproduction of a 1930’s Lemonade (soda) labels.


Reproduction of a 1930’s Lemonade (soda) labels. Nice labels to put on your glass soda bottles.

There are 8 different Variations.

  • Allgeier’s Citronen-Sprudel
  • Brause Frucht-aroma
  • Coletta Limonade
  • Cristall Zitronen-sprudel
  • Himbeer Brauselimonade
  • Kristallsprudelende Brause-Limonade
  • MeisterTrunk Brause mit Citronen Geschmack
  • Zitronen Brauselimodade

For your Re-enactment, Living History, Museum displays, Theatre, Television- or Film props.

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Allgeier's Citronen-Sprudel, Brause Frucht-aroma, Coletta Limonade, Cristall Zitronen-sprudel, Himbeer Brauselimonade, Kristallsprudelende Brause-Limonade, MeisterTrunk Brause, Zitronen Brauselimodade


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