D5025 – Deli Bonbons


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A full colour reproduction of a original wartime German Packet of Deli Bonbons.

In stock


A full colour reproduction of a original wartime German Packet of Deli Bonbons. Made into empty paper bag, ready to fill with hard candy. Great item to put into your Ration Box.

Printed on transparent paper.

For your Re-enactment, Living History, Museum displays, Theatre, Television- or Film props.

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Weight 3,5 g
Dimensions 6,3 × 10,7 mm

1 review for D5025 – Deli Bonbons

  1. Mattia Bissaldi (verified owner)

    Absolutely great repro, the new run of these packets it is identical to the original one that I have in my collection! I’m in love with this item, and I’ve bought dozens of them. Very useful as integration for the daily ration of the soldiers or as small gifts. I reccomand to find correct hard-bonbons to fill these packets with for the best accurate look.

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