D5032 – Kosa Speise Schokolade wrapper


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Full color reproduction of a wartime German Kosa Chocolate wrapper.

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Full color reproduction of a wartime German Kosa Chocolate wrapper. Used in the 1930’s and beginning of the 1940’s. The word Halbsüss (semi-Sweet) was strikethrough and the word Speise (Food) was placed above that. On the back of the label you see the Kosa Chocolate factory. On the rooftop there is a Swastica flag and a phrase: “Sammelt das silberpapier! Die Hitler-jugend holt es ab!” (Means: save the silverpaper! Will be collected by the Hitler-youth!).

This wrapper is also mentioned in Jim Pool’s book “Rations of the German Wehrmacht in World War II – vol.2” on page 175. The size has been adjusted a bit, so it fits on a modern 100g Chocolate bar.

For your Re-enactment, Living History, Museum displays, Theatre, Television- or Film props.

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Weight 2,8 g
Dimensions 14,4 × 18,7 mm

1 review for D5032 – Kosa Speise Schokolade wrapper

  1. Mattia Bissaldi (verified owner)

    Great repro, paper and print are very neat and pleasant. They fit 100g chocolate bars, but not every 100g bar is correct: you have to pick it carefully for a perfect fit, but once you find the good one, the result is great. Very easy to wrap and if you take care, you can re-use them. Strongly recommended as chocolate is one of the easiest and yet pleasant things to have in a reenactment.

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