D5501 – Rotbart Rasier klingen


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Reproduction package of Rotbart Be-Be razor blades (No blades inside).

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Reproduction package of Rotbart Be-Be razor blades (No blades inside). Box with 10 empty wrappers, to wrap around your modern razor blades. Perfect for 1940s display and personal shaving use for WW2 German reenacting.

For your Re-enactment, Living History, Museum displays, Theatre, Television- or Film props.

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Weight 6 g
Dimensions 50 × 27 × 10 mm

1 review for D5501 – Rotbart Rasier klingen

  1. Mattia Bissaldi

    Absolutely great reproduction, great print and material, they are exactly like the original cardboard boxes. The fact they come with paper wrappers for each blade, makes this repro absolutely outstanding; it’s the kind of small detail that makes me crazy. They perfectly fit any kind of modern razor blade, so if you are a reenactor you can easily use them with no problems. Absolutely recommended!

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