N3001 – Persoonsbewijs (Dutch ID Card)


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Reproduction of the Dutch Identity Card, ‘Persoonsbewijs’. With the three Dutch lions as a watermark.

There are several municipals to choose from. More will be added in due time.

Fill-in Service:

We can also fill this identity card for you and provide the correct information, stamps, stamping, etc. Please take into account a longer delivery time.


Reproduction of the Dutch Identity Card, ‘Persoonsbewijs’. With the three Dutch lions as a watermark. Hold it against the light and you will see them.

During the German occupation of the Netherlands every Dutch person with the age of 14 and above had to carry an ID card. This card was developed in order of the occupier. It was a production from the nazi regime in the Netherlands, and much hated by the Dutch. The ‘Persoonsbewijs’ was issued from april 1941 on.

More about the ‘Persoonsbewijs’ you will find here.

Printed black on Cardboard.

For your Re-enactment, Living History, Museum displays, Theatre, Television- or Film props.

How to fill in the ‘Persoonsbewijs’

Best is to fill it in with an old typewriter and crown pen with ink.

  1. Gender name, for women it is the maiden name
  2. First names
  3. Birth date
  4. Place of Birth
  5. Country where you were born. Only outside the Netherlands, else nothing was filled in
  6. Married to
  7. Profession
  8. Date of issue, when this document was issued by the municipal administration. Could be handwritten, with typewriter or with date stamp.
  9. Signature employee of the municipality
  10. Address where you live
  11. Gender – Man/Woman
  12. Characteristics
  13. Fingerprint, as well on the back of the photo
  14. Legacy stamps (Kostenloos, 50 Cents, 1 Gulden or 2 Gulden)
  15. Municipal stamp
  16. Signature holder
  17. Control seal, “Rauter seal”, came into use in 1944 with a distribution circle number on it.
  18. Municipal stamp
  19. Passport photo with the left ear visible.

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Amsterdam, Haarlem, Hilversum, \'s-Gravenhage (The Hague), Groningen, Leeuwarden, Leiden, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Velsen, Zaandam


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