N4001 – 1 Gulden Zilverbon 1938


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Reproduction of a wartime Silver coupon worth 1 Guilder (Zilverbon Groot 1 Gulden) from 1938.

  • Printed on both sides
  • Printed on off-white (cream) paper.

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Reproduction of a wartime Silver coupon worth 1 Guilder (Zilverbon Groot 1 Gulden) from 1938.

Printed double sided on off-white (cream) paper.

For your Re-enactment, Living History, Museum displays, Theatre, Television- or Film props.


Silver coupons were issued by the Ministry of Finance to replace coins in times of silver shortage before the two world wars. They could be exchanged by the Netherlands Bank and all governmental offices for silver coins. The exchange value in silver was promised on the coupons, but exchange could only take place after prior notification, i.e. on a non-specified date in the future.

At the outbreak of the First World War, silver coins were hoarded in large quantities and the government was forced to issue coin coupons. To stop people thinking of the coin coupons that were retracted only ten years before, these were called silver coupons (zilverbons). They were issued in denominations of 1, 2½ and 5 guilders. The 5 guilder coupon was retracted from circulation fairly quickly; a 5 guilder silver coin hadn’t existed previously and the public didn’t have confidence in this denomination.

In 1918 another series of 2½ guilder silver coupons were issued. Later, in 1938, silver coupons of 1 and 2½ guilders were again issued. The last silver coupon, a 5 guilder one, was issued in 1944.

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