Finally I finished my Smith’s Crisps bag project and I am quite happy with the result. About 11 years ago I had bought a reproduction Smith’s Crisps bag from Paul Woodage (Polar Bear Enterprises) and all those years I had the intention of making a reproduction myself. After searching on the internet for more information about the Smith’s Company before the Second World War and how the logo looked like, I found the right logo on a metal box, which I used for making the correct logo for the reproduction bag.

Smith's Crisps box

In one of Robert Opie’s books I read that recycled paper was used for packaging, just to save paper. And based on the reproduction of Paul, I had to look for recycled paper. This recycled (waste) paper I found yesterday and I made my first drafts of the Smith’s Crisps wartime paper bag. Have a look at the result on this photo.

The first Smith's Potato Crisps bags

Now I have to find out how to wax the paper, because the waste paper got a waxed layer during wartime (recording Paul). Then it will be ready for display or use. Maybe with a hair wax spray or a spray to wax coats or something. Not sure if this would be any good for food storage, to hold fresh Crisps in. Else I would leave it just the way it is… Or maybe you have an idea how to wax this waste paper? Just let me know and contact me.

A repro Smith's Potato Crisps bag beside a new one