Some time ago a friend of mine pointed me to the Imagepac Stampmaker Kit to make my own stamps. After reading the website I thought it would be very handy to make my own stamps this way for filling in my own (and maybe your) paperwork. It’s an easy way to make polymer stamps yourself within 5 minutes with this kit. And it is widely used within the Scrapbooking world. So why not for the Repro Paperwork world. 😉

After looking on the internet for more information I found a webshop here in the Netherlands where they offered the same Stampmaker kit but then under the name of Terese Collins. So I bought myself a StampMaker and yesterday it arrived by post.

2014-03-09 10.47.20

Now I can create my OWN stamps at home, as well as stencils and embossing dies. The Teresa Collins Stampmaker Machine Kit comes with:

  • UV Lightbox
  • CD Rom with instructions, artwork modifying program for PC only, advice and some free artwork
  • Wash out brush, post exposure tray and stamp mount tape to mount stamps
  • A timer
  • Two A4 sheets of Ink Jet film for making your own negatives
  • Five small and five medium stamp packs, two embossing packs and two stencil packs
  • Pre-made negatives: designs for stamps, embossing, stencils (4 for stamps, 2 for embossing and 2 for stencils)

2014-03-09 10.51.44

Unfortunately I received two A4 sheets of film for a Ink Jet printer, which are not suitable for a Laserprinter. So I have to install my old Inkjet printer again to print those sheets. Or should I try to print them on my Laserprinter?

Well I will keep you informed you about the making of those stamps the next time…