Some handy Living History tips, that you can either take notice of – or not. It’s up to you really!

If you buy a variety of reproduction items to fill your pockets, DON’T necessarily instantly put everything in your pockets. Be selective – select a few bits and think about where and when you were given the paperwork, invent a story that works for your impression. A story about your living history ‘character’ and build a life history around that. Think of date of birth, where you grew up, when you went on leave, etc…

What I did is took a look at my modern wallet or coat pocket and looked at the sort of things I have there.

Remember you are trying to create a “snap shot” of a moment in time. You can easily work out a variety of stories and vary your paperwork each time you go out. Don’t forget that you can add bits of original stuff to your package as well. Use it wisely and you will add greatly to your impression.


I will fill this page with more tips in the nearby future.