A few years ago I bought some wartime economy food labels. The idea was to reproduce them, but as for a lot of paperwork in my collection, I never had find the time to do so. Yesterday I managed to make the artwork for three of them:

  • Moconochie’s Beef Broth
  • Ministry of food concentrated soup (Pea soup)
  • Ministry of food concentrated soup (Vegetable stew)


Printed on recycled economy paper.

Wartime Restrictions

There were numerous restrictions on the use of raw materials during the Second World War, which had major effects on packaging. By the early 1940s labels on all forms of container had been reduced in size to save paper. Label designs were adapted to the slimmer format, and less colour (or strength of colour) was used to save on printer’s ink. And it was printed on poorer quality of paper (recycled economy paper). Sometimes the label for the smaller sizes bottles or jars could also be used on larger sizes.

White pepper "Selsa" brand

In the case of Ground White Pepper “Selsa” Brand, a smaller label (Half the size) was used to save paper.