The one in the middle is the original one.

The one in the middle is the original one.

Finally I finished a long laying project which I wanted to reproduce, the German “Waschmittel für Feinwäsche” package. The original pack contains washing-powder (detergent) for Wool, Silk, spun rayon or mixed fabrics such as: stockings, fine underwear, Stockinet, monochrome or colorful textiles and garments, uniforms, washable gloves, etc…

Washing Powder boxes

This kind of pre-war washing-detergent packages were used by the German soldiers during WW2 to clean their uniforms, underwear, etc. Because it was such a small packet it could easily be carried within their Tornister “Affe” (Backpack). The box measures ca. 10 x 17 x 3,5 cm

German soldiers washing

The original box I have got is a Double-Pack, which was suitable for 80 Liters of wash solution. A normal pack was suitable for 40 Liters and called “Normal-Packet”. Who knows I might reproduce those “Normal-Packet” boxes too. They are a bit smaller than this box.

Flat packs

I will be selling this empty (flat) box in the webshop, so you can use it for your next display. After glueing the flaps together you can put real washing-detergent in it to use it within your display. Wouldn’t it be nice for the public to show..?