Some time ago, in april, I wrote something on my Facebook page about planning to make a WW2 German Wehrpass Slip Cover. First I had taken some photos off the internet from a slip cover of a Wehrpass and a slipcover of a Soldbuch. Later I found an original one in an auction and bought it so I can reproduce it (see photos). But due to lots of other work the plan of reproducing the original had gone to the background.

Yesterday I received a message on my Facebook page from Tristan Gross from Australia who reminded me of my plan, so I will take it forward again.

Wehrpass sleeve front Wehrpass sleeve back


The WW2 German Wehrpass Slip Cover, slide in style. Measures about 112 x 153 x 4 mm. Made of 400 g/m2 green cardboard with black embossed lettering. Has two rivets in the upper back corners for file placement. You could also attach a piece of string cord  trough the rivets and wear the cover with the Wehrpass (or Soldbuch) in it around your neck.

Unfortunately my printer isn’t taking 400 grams cardboard, but 300 grams will do. Now I have to order some green cardboard and the reproduction can begin. (And it would be nice to have a Silhouette CAMEO which would cut the sleeves for me).

More about this slip cover in due time…